Has devoted to the global electro-optic application system's research and development, the manufacture and the market development.

One of world leading illumination application domain electric appliance control core part manufacturers.

BOOOY one of as field leading illumination electric appliance versatile supply manufacturers, has also become the world electron illumination customer priority selection the innovation and the supply chain partner; We the approximately 1800 staffs to be satisfying the customer in Southeast Asia and the China the demand unceasing to carry on the research and development, the production and the market operation.

Can act according to IEC and the ANSI standard manufacture product supplier as one, BOOOY not only has own enterprise culture, and has ability to need to provide the corresponding solution according to the customer. The imagination, the innovation strength, carry out the strength, environmental protection consciousness, for many years has accumulated the high efficiency enterprise operation experience will cause BOOOY to become a reliable partner.

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